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Roofing Replacement what do you need to know.

Roofing Replacement what do you need to know.

Basically Roof replacement is important to factor, nor is it a repair that should be delayed. We offer you to brush up on these basics before soliciting bids from roofing contractors.

Basic Roofing Materials.

Your choice of roofing materials often depends on your budget, as much as on your own personal taste. For example, in some Canada provinces now metal roofing is a common selection due to its fire resistance, while in other Canada regions, the predominant home styles might call for regular shingles. Roof pitch (angle) also affects the kind of roofing materials you can use (read the previous article). There is tree most common choices for residential roofing include:

Asphalt composition shingles:  It’s cheap and easily obtainable, but they are not so attractive than other options due to their flat appearance. Actually this is the most popular type of roofing material. Wood shakes or shingles: These are more expensive but also more attractive shingles. They have great durability but aren’t a good choice in regions where there is a fire danger.

Metal Roofing: Metal roofing materials made of steel or aluminum become more popular in the last years, because in part to their durability and because they are fireproof. These are expensive roofs that require specialty contractors for installation, but they may be cost-effective in the long run due to their long life. The main argument against laying additional layers of asphalt shingles is that the roofing materials can get too heavy for the underlying roof framing. This can be a structural problem, especially for older houses. Another problem with shingling over existing shingles is that you are essentially repeating some of the surface irregularities that may already be present. If you’re contemplating putting on a new roof, there’s probably a good chance that you may have bubbles, bumps, and waves that should be remedied. Putting new shingles over existing problems can leave you with a rather unattractive new roof. One way to minimize this problem is to go over the old roof and correct as many problems as you can before re-roofing.

The primary advantage of layering is that it reduces the work involved. Stripping off the existing layer and then laying down a new layer adds more work to the process.

Cost Considerations.

Several factors go into the cost of a roof, beginning with your choice of roofing materials (ranging from cheap three-tab asphalt shingles up to metal roofing materials). The roofing contractor you choose, the pitch, and the square footage of your roof are other factors that affect the cost. Nationally, a typical roof using architectural asphalt shingles costs between $4.50 and $6.50 per square foot—a cost that includes all demolition, permit fees, waste disposal, and cleanup.

Consider Off-Season Roofing Work

A well-coordinated roofing team is an amazing thing to watch—and this is why we pay them to do our roofs. While in most parts of Canada the optimal roofing season is from late spring to early fall, skilled crews are able to extend the work season, sometimes even roofing when snow flurries are threatening. There is no reason, in other words, not to hire a skilled crew to roof your home during off-season periods. You may even enjoy lower prices at these times since the labor demand is low. The trick behind getting your roof job shoehorned into the offseason is having a large team of professional roofers who can knock out the work in hours, instead of days, thus taking advantage of dry periods. In Veronica Contracting roofing company we always ready to help our clients with all the processes, starting from choosing materials up to the installation process.

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