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Brief comparing Solar Shingles and Solar Panels.

Brief comparing Solar Shingles and Solar Panels.

In case you’re thinking about sun based vitality for your home in Ontario, you might be pondering whether to select solar shingles or solar panels. Here are a few certainties that may help as you think about which one of these sun oriented force alternatives is directly for you.

Solar shingles
Solar shingles rooftop shingles are a relative newcomer on the sunlight based vitality scene. Sunlight based rooftop tiles have been around for around 10 years, yet just decently as of late have they gotten all the more by and large accessible as a down to earth and reasonable choice for property holders.


Introducing sunlight based shingles is basic. They are applied like customary black-top shingles, supplanting the current shingles. They can bring about a lower cost during re-establishment or re-material undertakings on the grounds that fewer shingles should be obtained and introduced. Sunlight based shingles fill in as both material shingles and vitality creating innovation.

Solar shingles have a quicker installation time than solar panels; they are almost twice as fast to install, compared to panels.

From an aesthetic point of view, solar shingles may be more appealing. While reflective, their profile is similar to that of regular roof shingles. This can make them less noticeable than solar panels installed on the roof.

Solar shingles can be introduced on various kinds of rooftops since they take after typical shingles in appearance and size.
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Solar panels
Solar panels have been in use for much longer than solar shingles, and are much more common. While solar panel technology is older, the efficiency rate is very high.

Installing solar panels takes longer and is a more technical process. There must be an added layer of shingles installed beneath the panel first.

Solar panels are big and they are noticeable. Some homeowners cite this as a drawback.

Solar panels can be installed on all types of roofs. In fact, they are not limited to roofs. Their functionality and adaptability go beyond the housing industry.
Solar panels have been used for traffic lights, on top of cars and even in space.

Solar energy efficiency
Solar companies are seeing new possibilities open up with solar roof shingles. In terms of solar cell conversion rate (efficiency), new solar shingles have roughly the same efficiency rates as panels. This gives homeowners more options and freedom to choose. Roofing companies of Toronto provide the solar panel installation service and solar shingles.

If you are looking to make your home greener and more energy-efficient, both solar shingles and panels are energy-saving options. Check out the Ontario Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency to learn about incentives for renewable energy and decide what best fits your needs.
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