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How to safely remove roof snow from your roof.

How to safely remove roof snow from your roof.

After the snowfall safest way a Toronto’s homeowner can remove snow from a roof is with a roof rake. You can stand on the ground and use the tool with a pole extension to reach the edge of most two-story homes. However, you should make sure the ground isn’t slippery and that you have the upper body strength to handle the rake and pull off the snow.
Also, roof rakes cost between $50 and $200, depending on the type you use.
Choose a roof rake with small rollers, bumpers or wheels near the blade of the rake. The wheels will keep the blade from scraping the granules of the roof shingles. The granules help the shingles resist fire and protect the roof from UV rays.

But, removing snow from your driveway or roof is strenuous work, especially if the snow is wet and heavy. Anyone with back problems, a heart condition or other health problems that could hasten further injury should leave the job to a professional like a roofing contractor Mississauga Veronica Contracting or any other. These roofing companies have the skills, equipment, and proper insurance to do the job and protect you from liability.
That’s especially true when removing an ice dam. While calcium chloride tablets or heat cables can melt snow and ice around your gutter, the runoff may refreeze and create another ice dam. Also, heat cables use a lot of electricity. This is a condition when the snow on your roof melts, then refreezes at the edge. An ice dam can cause water to back up beneath your roofing shingles, causing leaks and deterioration. Ice dams can also cause icicles, which can fall and hurt people standing or walking below the eave.

Not every property will accumulate ice dams. Homes with proper ventilation and insulation in the attic will not develop them as frequently as homes without good ventilation and insulation. If your home develops ice dams frequently, it’s generally recommended that you have the snow removed at least from the front of your roof every 6-inches. How pros remove snow from roofs
Pros typically work in teams. They climb onto the roof to clear the snow away and use steam or a hammer to break and remove any ice. A good roofing contractor Toronto will find the source of an ice dam and propose a fix. The ice dam may stem from poor attic insulation and ventilation. However, an attic bypass is the primary cause of many ice dams. Bypasses are hidden passages that allow warm air to flow into attics and melt snow on a roof, which then freezes.

How much does it cost to remove snow from a roof?
While a light dusting of snow on your roof is nothing to worry about, if you have a roof with a low pitch, experience a great deal of snowfall over the course of a winter, or have a home that’s partial to developing ice dams, it’s a good idea to remove the snow from your roof at least periodically. Snow removal can help prevent leaks, ice dams, roof deterioration, and even roof collapse.
Not every property will need the snow removed after each snowfall. The average homeowner will need snow removed when you have more than 12-inches of wet snow that has at least partially frozen. For a 1,500 sq.ft. roof, the cost for this procedure will be around $400.
Do not use salt or calcium-chloride-based products to melt the snow off your roof. These materials are corrosive and could damage your roof. Runoff may also damage the plants and grass beside your home.
Consider having the snow removed early if you have known issues. Waiting can mean the snow removal company is booked, which means that you’ll wait even longer, potentially causing damage.
If you do not have ice dams and are only concerned with roof collapse, you can wait until there are more than 12 inches of snow on your roof before removal.

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