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We offer Great Shingles Material BP MYSTIQUE 42

Protect your investment and improve your home’s resale value with this affordable, double-layer laminate shingle.
Mystique 42 shingle, uniquely designed with oversized tabs, feature dramatic 3-dimensional shadow bands to create a sharp, slate look, both eye-catching and strikingly elegant.
Choose from a superb palet of vintage colors designed to instantly enhance your home’s curb appeal.
Use Dakota for hip & ridge.
Mystique 42 is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Its standard wind Warranty covers up to 180 km/hr (110 mph) and its High Wind Warranty covers up to 220 km/hr (135 mph) as per special application instructions. Coverage: 3,06 m² (32,9 pi²), Exposure 152mm (6 in), UL2390 Classe D, FM4473 Class 3 Impact Resistance.
Please contact us to provide you all the necessary information regarding your roof or ask for a free estimation now.

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