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The Main Issue Areas in Commercial Flat Roofing Systems.

The Main Issue Areas in Commercial Flat Roofing Systems.

Flat roofing systems are the norm for commercial buildings. They are not without their share of issues, though. Over time, constant exposure to the elements can take a toll. Not to worry, though. With proper care and maintenance, you can negate those effects and extend the service life of your commercial property’s flat roof.
Here’s a look at four common problems in different areas of commercial flat roofing systems:

 1. Surface Blisters
The constant presence of moisture often causes blisters in flat roofing systems. Roofers know that this typically gets worse during long exposure to midday heat as the trapped moisture expands. Call a trusted contractor immediately at the first sign of blisters to identify the source of moisture and complete the necessary repair.

 2. Exposed Layers
Constant exposure to the elements can do a number on your roofing through the changing seasons. Over time, it can degrade your roof’s protective layers, leading to puncturing. Invest in regular roofing maintenance so you can detect and repair these issues promptly before they lead to more widespread damage.

 3. Internal Thermal Movement

Extreme temperature changes cause roofing materials to contract and expand. Eventually, your flat roof may crack under pressure, exposing your building to water intrusion. You can avoid this problem by having your roofing system professionally inspected on a routine basis.

4. Outer Standing Water

Unlike sloped roofing, flat or low-sloped roofing systems have a tendency to collect water. If the water doesn’t evaporate quickly enough, it can cause problems. This is why an effective drainage system is a must for buildings with flat roofs.

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